It is with great pride and pleasure that the Danish, Swedish and Norwegian Beekeepers associations make a joint, Scandinavian bid to host the 49th international apicultural congress in Copenhagen, Denmark, September 2025.

Copenhagen is a major transport hub in Europe which makes it easy to reach by plane, train and car. The airport of Copenhagen is a major hub for Scandinavian Airlines, with connections to all over Europe and important overseas hubs. By train there are connections from Norway, Sweden and Germany to Copenhagen central, and bridges like the Øresundsbroen and the Great Belt bridge ensure a dense and connected highway system.

The three Nordic countries are independent and proud kingdoms which are closely connected in history, culture and language. Geographically we span from Denmark’s temperate coastal climate to the polar areas of Sweden and Norway. Beekeeping in the three countries is as diverse as the climate, so you can experience it from the intense farmland in Denmark to the northernmost beekeeping in the world in Norway.

To demonstrate our dedication and preparedness we have already created a focused website for our bid and hopefully future work in hosting Apimondia 2025. Please enjoy our website.



Søren Langberg Simonsen
Wonderful Copenhagen

Rune Havgaard Sørensen
The Danish Beekeepers Association