The scientific programme for APIMONDIA 2025 in Copenhagen will be created in close collaboration with the scientific and regional bodies of APIMONDIA. Our aim is to create a world congress with contributions from the best scientists and beekeepers from around the world. We will contribute with elements where Danish, Norwegian and Swedish apicultural science and practices has their strongest positions.

Beneficial to apicultural research, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden has a strong and longstanding cooperation between scientist and beekeepers as well as a close cooperation between beekeeper’s associations and scientific bodies such as universities and research institutes, not only in the Scandinavian countries but worldwide.

We have close contact and cooperation with the German scientist and beekeeper advisors, as well as other scientists worldwide.
Participation and contributions to the APIMONDIA congresses and the Coloss network has given the Scandinavian apicultural scientists, advisors, and beekeepers a huge international network.

Beekeepers are tuning toward “citizens science”. Therefore, are we already in close contact with stakeholders in different countries to hear the voice of the Apimondia participants wish-list for a good congress. The voice of the participants is important for a good congress.



Søren Langberg Simonsen
Wonderful Copenhagen

Rune Havgaard Sørensen
The Danish Beekeepers Association