American foulbrood, European foulbrood, Chalkbrood, Nosema and Varroa-mites, and bee viruses are the main problems met by beekeepers. A major difference from the rest of the world, focus has been on breeding resisting stock and less focus on medication. For varroa a major focus was on biotechnical treatments.

Close cooperation between scientists and beekeepers and efficient information transmission systems means well educated beekeepers who are able to cope with the diseases by breeding tolerant bees. Using hygienic methods in the beekeeping, and by the correct use of methods approved for organic beekeeping.

Antibiotics and acaricides have only been used except to a very limited extent. Awareness of honey as a product of nature meaning that beekeepers in large degree have disregarded the use of medicine within beekeeping due to residues and resistance.



Søren Langberg Simonsen
Wonderful Copenhagen

Rune Havgaard Sørensen
The Danish Beekeepers Association