The WBA is the perfect occasion to celebrate all the beautiful, creative, and delicious products bees and beekeepers from all over the globe creates. For us, it is important to make a WBA that is fair, festive, and filled with fun.

We want to invite all the worlds’ beekeepers to bring their products, so that we all can wonder, enjoy and celebrate beekeeping in all its diverse glory. We aim to make the logistics surrounding the WBA as easy as possible in order for everybody to be able to bring their honey and beekeeping products into the country and we desire to make the general process of attending smooth and well organized.

We intend to develop the WBA in close cooperation with Apimondia and we aim to put up an involved and eager support team and invite world’s best judges for the competition. Our highest aim is a fair judging of all presented products. The WBA in Copenhagen will be an event build on honesty and openness.

It will also be a competition that creates awareness and publicity for fantastic products of beekeeping. The award ceremonies will be a celebration; we want drums and music; we want colors and lights, and we want to lift not only the attending beekeepers but also the general public with beautiful film clips and pictures perfectly suitable for Danish and international TV and press.

Not only will we invite all the worlds’ beekeepers to bring their honey for the competition. We also bid everybody to bring along some jars of their own honey for our public honey fair. We want to give the beekeepers and the public an opportunity to taste and explore the global honey diversity. Furthermore, we intend to make a public honey voting award where there will be a vote for the best honey and at the WBA, we then celebrate the Best Honey decided by the public.

We would love to make an unforgettable WBA for you all!



Søren Langberg Simonsen
Wonderful Copenhagen

Rune Havgaard Sørensen
The Danish Beekeepers Association